St James's Street on New Steine.

Photo supplied by Annie McGrath.

Upper Rock Gardens.

Photo supplied by Tony Aspinall.

High Street? 1972.

Photo supplied by Alan Terry.

1934. Edward Street with the corner of Sun Street.

Photo supplied by Roger Albrow.

Edward Street 1966.

Photo supplied by Mike Hendry.

Edward Street c.1968

Photo by Mike Hendry. 

The Pavilion Tavern c. 1914/15

3. Edward Street.

Photo supplied by Sue Standen.

Top of Edward Street. 

This is my grandfather's shop, taken I believe not long after WWI when he'd just bought it. It was at the top of Edward Street near the corner with Upper Rock Gardens. Opposite was a superb fish and chip shop called Moorhouses (spelling?), the owner of which used to park in my grandparents drive (West Drive). I remember dimly that once a week they'd bring delicious food into the shop, including potato fritters. The shop was very old, I believe, with living accommodation above that had been rendered uninhabitable by a wartime bomb. All the buildings on the north side, including the shop,were bulldozed for the mostly pointless widening of Edward Street in the early 1960s. The fish and chip shop is now a Chinese, or at least it was last time I passed

Photo supplied by Simon Trezise.

Corner of Park Street and Eastern Road. 

Photo by Bill Chapman.

Photo supplied by Sheridan Chapman.

College Gardens 1961.

Photo supplied by Andy Holborn.

Freshfield Place. c.1977

Photo supplied by Carolyn Docwra.

Royal Sussex County Hospital. 1970.

Photo by Ken Revell.

Photo supplied by Lesley Revell.

1954. 42 Upper Rock Gardens.

Photo supplied by Andy Dawson.

1951. St Mary's Church looking down St James Street. 

Photo supplied by Andy Dawson.

Early 1990's. Upper St James Street.

Photo supplied by Matthew Wiltshire.

1965.43 Upper St James Street.

"This is my Dad 1965 outside his shop looking down Wyndham Street, with his shop is directly to his right Southern Domestic Appliances, 43 Upper St James Street, the shops behind him are of course now flats and have been for many many years ..."

Photo supplied by Matthew Wiltshire.

H.R.Harris. St James Street. 

"It was a drapers shop called H.R. Harris which stood for Henry Robert Harris, it was in my family from the late 19th century until it closed in 1973"

Photo supplied by Janine Clayman. 

Povey's Fruiterer's 51, George Street, Brighton c. 1860's. 

Photo supplied by Steve Denham


Coalbrook Road. 1980's.

Photo supplied by Carol Homewood.

Eastern Road. 1980's.

Photo supplied by Carol Homewood.